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The best way to get an idea of storage unit sizes is to contact us. We will give you numbers of storage units that you can visit and see the interiors of to visualize. If you need to change sizes after renting, we also have options for unit transfers.

Size Estimator

This estimator can give you an idea of the unit size you may need. Your needs based off of this table can vary darastically, so it’s a good idea to use this table as a starting point, and then to visit to look at unit sizes afterward.

Unit Size (ft.) Room Equivalent Example Contents Reccommended Use
5x5, 252 Hallway Closet Small mattress set, dresser, and files or boxes Little to no furniture
5x10, 502 Walk-In Closet Sofa, dresser, lamps ,and files or boxes Popular for college students or military
10x10, 1002 Small Bedroom Fridge, washer, dryer, desk, and boxes One to two bedroom apt. move
8x15, 1202 Small bedroom Similar to 10x10 (different shape, more space) One to two bedroom apt. move
10x20, 2002 One-car garage A vehicle plus a few boxes Extra garage or two to three bedroom move
10x25, 2502 Large one-car garage Vehicle, sofa, narrow dresser, and boxes Extra garage or a three to four bedroom move
12x30, 3602 Two car garage (in a row) Two cars, or a boat/car plus some furniture or boxes Extra garage or four bedroom move or boat shed
20x30, 6002 Two car garage + Multiple vehicles, tools, with box and furniture space Double garage, a workshop (if a powered unit) or a 5+ bedroom move

If you have need of a larger workshop, please give us a call to ask about our commercial size shops (1,000 ft2 and 1,500 ft2). To see what sizes exist at which of our three locations, visit our page, Locations and Sizes.

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