How To Store Successfully

Here are some tips and expectations for you if you are interested in storage.


Protect Your Goods

  • Use pallets to elevate items. This will protect from moisture in the concrete, spills, etc.
  • Plastic totes can be used to protect items from moisture and condensation, from below and above.
  • Shrink wrap and tarps can minimize dust and condensation drips.
  • Protects from mold, insects, and rodents: no dirty, uncontained wet, or perishable items.

Choose Climate-Control When Appropriate

  • Electronics are sensitive to high cold and heat.
  • Musical instruments, records, tapes, and antiques need regulated temeratures to protect against deterioration.
  • Storing a motorcycle in cold weather? Consider climate-control to keep the battery charged.

Don’t Store Forbidden Items

  • Fuel, gas canisters, flammable or explosive items
  • Food, perishable items, unwashed clothing, dirty items
  • Leaking substances (paint, oil, etc.)
  • Animals or plants

Play It Safe

  • We do not insure your goods. Please insure your unit with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Pack most valueable items first to keep them out of sight from any prying eyes.
  • Look at the unit before renting to make sure it’s not the right size, saving extra time and transfer fees.

Using The Door

The doors are spring-assisted. It helps to step on the handle of the door while sliding the latch so that the spring isn’t pulling the latch upward and making it more difficult to slide. Please make sure your latch is fully slid to the right before you slide a lock through it. If you lock a latch that is still slid open, your door isn’t secure!


  • Please wait to give us notification of your move-out until you have completed the other items in this section. You can notify us via phone or in-person. In other words, please tell us after you have finished moving out.
  • Remove every item. You are responsible for removing every item ffrom your unit, whether you intend to keep, sell, or dispose of it. If you leave any items behind, you are responsible for the costs of removing them.
  • Be courteous when using the dumpsters. Please break items down. Do not block dumpsters. Do not overfill them. Dispose of items that do not fit, elsewhere.
  • Do not toss items in dumpsters that have an extra-disposal fee, such as tires and hazardous materials.
  • Sweep out your unit.
  • Take any locks with you. Leave the door closed and latched, but unlocked.
  • Rent renews once a month on the first for everyone and there are no pro-rates on move out, so it’s best to move out near the end of a month for the most value.