by | Jun 25, 2018

Rent a Unit Online

Call, Email, or Visit

The Process

We try to make the move in process easy and available to you. That is why you can rent a unit in our office, over the phone, or on this website!

  1. We help find the unit size you need and its availability.
  2. You provide your contact information.
  3. We process the first payment, along with any specials.
  4. You review and sign the lease. We’ll mail or email it if you can’t make it in.
  5. We provide a map of where the unit is.
  6. Free lock with some specials!
  7. Move-in!


The doors are overhead roll-up doors, assisted by a spring. Sometimes the spring pulls up on the latch, so it’s easiest to slide the latch if you hold the door down against the spring by stepping on the handle. Doors raise the most evenly and smoothly when you raise them from the center.