Protecting Your Goods

by | Jun 22, 2018

Be Proactive

When you move your items into a unit, pack them with damage prevention in mind. We make sure we give you a unit in top condition, but you never know when the wind will blow hard enough to get some moisture by the inside of the door, or a neighboring tenant has a spill of something they store. Use pallets, totes, wraps, and covers to plan against dust and unforeseen moisture issues.


Don’t Store Things That Cause Problems

Some things just aren’t meant for storage units:

  • Fuel, gas canisters, flammable or explosive items
  • Food, perishable items, unwashed clothing, dirty items
  • Leaking substances (paint, oil, etc.)
  • Animals or plants


We do not sell insurance plans with our storage units, or have liability ourselves to cover the goods in your unit(s). That responsibility falls to you.¬†Coverage of a storage unit in addition to what you already have incurs no additional charge with the average homeowner’s/renter’s insurance. You must notify them when you rent the unit for them to cover it.

We recommend you make the phone call to your current company if you have one, or find a company and start insurance, because it’s worth it if you store anything of value to you.

We do not claim to give legal advice about insurance, just to be clear.


Unit Type

Consider using a Climate-Controlled Unit for temperature-sensitive goods.

  • Cassettes and vhs tapes are heat sensitive
  • Instruments are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Spare batteries are drained in the winter’s cold
  • Documents, photos, art and antiques deteriorate in extreme temperatures
  • Electronics can be damaged by overheating or freezing
  • Wine is affected by temperature change

Climate-Controlled Units are only at our Philip Avenue Location. Please call to check availability.